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It's been slow here in Mystic Ages land.

I have been excited about the response for the Basic Hack - quite a number of people have tossed some spare change my way or downloaded it for free, more than I expected. It needs some work, I think, so look for an update and some clarifications. Plus, I do have a Lulu version possible, but I got a bit of fixing to do on it as well.

On the game design front, I still am working on some things in the midst of a busy life. I've got a draft going for my old Journey to Cannibal Island mega adventure, probably ported to 5E. And I keep toying with an idea of a simplified/streamlined 5E/OSRIC clone centered way too much on Advantage/Disadvantage.

Here is where I am stuck, for now.

I love Advantage/Disadvantage. It seems a way to both support some narrative kind of play and bolster roleplaying as well as giving some real mechanical benefit to gameplay. However, it seems that you get bogged down if you turn a D20-esque game into a dice pool system, rolling multiple D20s and keeping the largest. Rolling 2 max is just about perfect, keeping the highest or keeping the lowest.

In 5E, it does seem the balance tips toward advantage/disadvantage being a bit rare or uncommon in most situations. If you make it more common, kind of like how I play with it in the 2D10 One Page system, you end up with a tiny dice pool mechanic. I don't like it.

So what about building a setting and simplified OSRIC system where getting Advantage is the goal in all situations? And it's hard to get. And where even in the setting, the PCs and NPCs talk about having advantage/disadvantage.

For example, a hero wants to defeat some evil wizard. Fine. His goal will be to figure out some way to get advantage over that wizard. Is that discovering a secret name? A magical spell? An artifact?

Alternately, an evil wizard has a hero in disadvantage - because he captured his lover, has some super secret info, or is just plain better than the hero. In this case, the hero is going to do everything he can to avoid confrontation until he can level the playing field.

Do you get it?

I'm kicking this around - a more storytelling-esque OSRIC - and will let you know if something comes of it.

Happy gaming!

I posted a couple of updates for the 2D10 line, which remains free and fun. There is definitely some good response on RPGNow, and I look forward to see how it might work for various gaming groups out there. However, there is more good stuff on the way.

Planet Nine is a free setting for 2D10, a sort of conspiracy-laden, alien invasion one page foundation for some cool stories if you are in love with X-Files or even classic bad movies like "They Live". Get it here

I've also updated the core 2D10 rules with some slight grammar changes. Nothing major. Grab it here.

Per a comment on RPGNow, I will likely scale back the number of attribute points available in hero creation to make things a bit more balanced and challenging for heroes. I am taking another look at this, but here's how it shakes out. A starting hero with a Prowess of 7, an occupation like warrior, and a feat like "punch you in the skull" could theoretically end up rolling 3D10+14 for an attack. There's few villains that would stand up to that. For now, I recommend distributing 10 points among the four attributes with a max of 5 to help balance things out.

Of course, I want heroes to do great damage, so it's not the end of the world if your heroes mow down orc bands. Go for it.

-- Nathan

Hey, it's been a fun few weeks of writing for my updated 2D10 line.

The good news is - I'm are getting solid feedback and positive responses. According to my records, the core 2D10 RPG pdf has been downloaded 342 times. (This doesn't count anyone who has grabbed the PDF via my Dropbox account.) I'll keep uploading items when they are ready, so stay tuned.

If you missed it, the first two parts of what I once called the Rise of War trilogy for 2D10 are available. I wrote these adventures years ago as part of a D20 campaign. Like anything written by a younger "you", they needed heavy editing. The last installment in the series should be done by early next week.

Later today, I'll be tossing up Extra Rules for 2D10. Not sold on that name though, but I don't like "Advanced Rules" because the PDF includes options rather than a more complex variation of the ruleset. I might go with "Bonus Crunch", but I'm not sure what that means either. These additional rules feature stuff like a more traditional hit point system, will, magic points, extra combat crunch, and a few other bits.

What else is coming? I've got a sample one page setting called Planet Nine that I am fiddling with. Also, there is some energy on my part to produce an updated version of Army of Judgment, a very old post-apocalyptic superhero game with 2D10. This would not be a one page PDF, so I'll have to decide if I want to sell it or just give it away anyway.

Thanks for your support!

-- Nathan

Great news, everyone!

I uploaded the latest edition of 2D10 RPG on RPGNow/DriveThruRPG. It's up and ready to be downloaded. I encourage you to share it freely on social media and other places.

Tomorrow, I will throw up an edited, corrected version of the Hero Sheet as a free download.

Following that, Beasties & Bandits should be close to finished and the one page adventure "The Truce".

Stay tuned.

-- Nathan