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Debate Night in America is my newest release, a sinister, mythos-inspired adventure and story for Cthulhu Hack. Your Investigators will work against the clock to uncover the truth about a savage murder and the forces at work as a political campaign hangs in the balance. The adventure can work for any Cthulhu or horror type game.

The great state of Maryland is undergoing a tight Senate race with the winner helping continue to shape the national political landscape in Washington DC. Senator Gold, a long tenured politician, is facing down the surge of a young, vibrant outsider, Racquel McBrennan. On the morning of their only debate, a jogger is murdered by what a video depicts as Senator Gold himself. What foul plot is at work? Who actually killed the jogger? Why does the murder reek of arcane magics? Will the Investigators, brought in by a shadowy government entity called the Organization, piece together the clues and stop the rise of a political juggernaut - or will they worship the one they came to stop?

Get it for free or pay what you want.

Hey, it's been a fun few weeks of writing for my updated 2D10 line.

The good news is - I'm are getting solid feedback and positive responses. According to my records, the core 2D10 RPG pdf has been downloaded 342 times. (This doesn't count anyone who has grabbed the PDF via my Dropbox account.) I'll keep uploading items when they are ready, so stay tuned.

If you missed it, the first two parts of what I once called the Rise of War trilogy for 2D10 are available. I wrote these adventures years ago as part of a D20 campaign. Like anything written by a younger "you", they needed heavy editing. The last installment in the series should be done by early next week.

Later today, I'll be tossing up Extra Rules for 2D10. Not sold on that name though, but I don't like "Advanced Rules" because the PDF includes options rather than a more complex variation of the ruleset. I might go with "Bonus Crunch", but I'm not sure what that means either. These additional rules feature stuff like a more traditional hit point system, will, magic points, extra combat crunch, and a few other bits.

What else is coming? I've got a sample one page setting called Planet Nine that I am fiddling with. Also, there is some energy on my part to produce an updated version of Army of Judgment, a very old post-apocalyptic superhero game with 2D10. This would not be a one page PDF, so I'll have to decide if I want to sell it or just give it away anyway.

Thanks for your support!

-- Nathan

Here's another blast from the past.

While I was working hard on Eldritch Ass Kicking, I crafted a generic set of rules that I was going to use with some goofy setting material I had poking around. You may see some of that in the future. They use the familiar 2D10 mechanic and were intended to be free and simple. I was fixated with brevity at the time, so a one page rule sheet seemed appealing.

Go ahead and grab a copy via this link.

-- Nathan

Santa vs. Santa

Santa vs. Santa is my newest free roleplaying game. You play an elf super spy working for Kris Kringle with a job to help protect Christmas. Opposite the forces of the North Pole is the vile Evil Santa, a cloned experiment gone terribly awry. Confront the forces of evil and insure children around the world have a very merry Christmas!

I originally wrote it as the Christmas Wars or Santa's Little Helpers some years ago. The new PDF incorporates a short story I wrote for my niece a few holidays ago, updated and sleeker rules, and a few extras. Enjoy it as my Christmas gift to you.

Grab it at for free.

Merry Christmas!

-- Nathan

Bellbot is a funny little roleplaying game that I wrote several years ago.

I've always had it on my mind to re-release it, so I did clean up a bit of the text and add a little bit more content. You can find the full gorgeously readable text on this site, but now, you can also download an 11-page PDF of the rules with a fancy-esque cover page and some bits of open source art. It's all in good fun.

I'm planning to spend less time doing layout type things, because I'd prefer to write more. That's one of the reasons I am giving a shot as my new blog host. We'll see if I go with this for a year or not. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to dump all of the pure text from any games I have written on here, so you can easily enjoy them via your favorite mobile, tablet, or PC.

-- Nathan