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New Bellbot PDF Available

Bellbot is a funny little roleplaying game that I wrote several years ago.

I've always had it on my mind to re-release it, so I did clean up a bit of the text and add a little bit more content. You can find the full gorgeously readable text on this site, but now, you can also download an 11-page PDF of the rules with a fancy-esque cover page and some bits of open source art. It's all in good fun.

I'm planning to spend less time doing layout type things, because I'd prefer to write more. That's one of the reasons I am giving a shot as my new blog host. We'll see if I go with this for a year or not. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to dump all of the pure text from any games I have written on here, so you can easily enjoy them via your favorite mobile, tablet, or PC.

-- Nathan