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Introducing the new 2D10 RPG

Cover Image of the 2D10 One Page system

Just a few days after dusting off an ancient version of the 2D10 roleplaying game system, I went to work on a new one, taking a little bit of the old text and creating something new. I'm excited about it, although it needs more work. I've even launched a little thread on RPG.Net to stir up a few more comments. Please join in.

You can grab the draft here: (Updated)

I've got a couple of other pieces for it ready too - a Hero Sheet and a Beasties & Bandits supplements for creating villains and allies the heroes will face.

My major questions remain:

  • Get the default DR right. 12 might be too low. 15 could be the sweet spot.
  • Is halving the best mechanism? Or would a stock +4 bonus for using an occupation and feat be a little smoother? I think I fixed this in the latest draft.
  • I need to add some sort of initiative or very basic idea of how to handle group contests. Fixed this too. Awesome.

More to come.

-- Nathan