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2D10 will hit RPGNow soon.

If you haven't checked out the RPG.Net thread yet, I've gotten ton of great feedback on the 2D10 RPG.

I really appreciate that there is recognition that I am trying to write clearly and succinctly and that the system is flexible and fun for some quick, imaginative play. Some good play results help too. With my latest revision, which I am going to pick through again today for errors or ways to make it a little clearer, I am really close to releasing it next week on RPGNow.

Updates will still come, and I may still keep my Dropbox links.

After the initial rules, I will share some of the other things. I have edits coming for the character sheet next. Beasties & Bandits is kind of close to being ready, though I do need to make a few corrections there too.

It's fun to write again, and by keeping things short, I don't get bogged down quite as much as I used to with larger projects.

Stay tuned!

-- Nathan